No Facebook, no TV…how not having these has changed our lives!!


This year has bought a lot of change into our lives, and I will discuss a few of them in this post. :)

Both my husband and I would sit down on the lounge after the children were in bed and asleep, finally after a long working day or day with the children we would put the TV on and ‘relax’! We wouldn’t get to talk except when the ads were on, but even then the ads would try to drag you in to watching and filling your mind with what ever tune they played. We were getting so over some shows but still recording some episodes of certain reality TV shows like ‘The Block’ or Biggest Loser.

I felt like God convicted me of what we were watching, and He said to me. Niki, if you’re watching this and they have attitudes like this, is this Godly? Do you want your children to be watching what you’re watching, and have attitudes like these people are displaying? Wow I thought! That is so true God. I told Michael my concerns and he couldn’t agree more. We prayed about it and seeked God. We felt so compelled by what other Christians were watching, but we decided not to follow trend and stick to our guns and what we felt convicted on.

So we stopped watching TV, and our 4 yr old was watching some kids TV shows, and we stopped them too. Even thou we limited what he was watching, and scanned the program really well for bad attitudes and dragons, and witches ect. Well, we told our son that there would be no more TV and he was OK about it, then he asked if he could still watch ‘Play School’, we decided that he could watch it, but not everyday! We soon saw a massive change in his attitude and obedience! Wow, God was working in us! :)


When we got married we already had Facebook accounts. Facebook became so big it was apart of our everyday life. On our phones, computer. At our fingertips whenever we wanted! We also ran a community group on there too, which got quiet big over the 2 yrs we ran it. Again God convicted us about Facebook…we were so addicted to it thou, and kept grabbing it whenever we could. But my husband said that’s it, no more Facebook. He deactivated his account and the next day I did the same. Getting contacts for some friends I wanted to still stay in contact with. People were shocked that we deleted the accounts and said ‘oh you’ll be back’! But no, we said we wouldn’t be back. We want to set an example to our children and not be able to see things that we don’t/can’t control. Its endless on there what you can see! We never liked that part of it. Children can get an account when they are 13 years old. We did not what our children to be on there, so we needed to step back and give it up.

I can tell you now that it has been over 2 months since Facebook, and we haven’t looked back once! People say of did you see this on Facebook or that? No, we reply…we don’t have Facebook! Oooh, they said. We have to laugh, :) it is pretty sad that, that is the way of talking now, asking if they saw something on Facebook. Conversation should be heart to heart, not Facebook to Facebook. Sure fair enough if someone is living far away, but there are phones, or emails…and do you remember the guy who rides around on a motorbike delivering mail to your letterbox? Hehe, sorry. But who doesn’t like to receive personalized mail?

Since we have given up TV and Facebook (we also don’t go to the movies, we only like to watch Christian movies- maybe another post soon on this) we have seen so much change in our family! We actually have more family time, like fishing trips, camping, picnics, and outings. Plus we have more time for God! We thank him for this personal conviction and continue to follow him.

The Bible says KJV-  Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Be blessed, Niki


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